Alcohol, Extacy, Cocaine: Which Drug is the Most Toxic?


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Uploaded by on Aug 6, 2008

Professor Funk investigates whether people can identify the most toxic drug out of: Alcohol, Extacy and Cocaine. What would you guess?

The results might surprise you.

More info:

Brookes Brothers - Mistakes

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  • No not really.

    A drug by definition is a chemical that effects your brain. Every drug has a toxic level that would kill you. Some are just much more than others.

  • THC = psychoactive substance = Drug

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  • If those were real drugs... How fucking much money would he have if he wasted them like that? >> Obviously he's not showing the real deal.

    I don't doubt he knows what he's talking about however. I know for a fact that alchohol is by far more toxic than a shitload of other drugs, and that there's never been a recorded case of weed killing anything other than a few braincells, less of them than alchohol do too.

    Anyway. Cool vid man.

  • this guy defintley knows his drugs, he's loaded

  • That was probably baking powder and baking soda. And grass?

  • omg... he has like 3000 dollars worth of drugs lol

  • I thought its illegal to have drugs at your home like that?

  • thanks for checking in,but he didnt say that


  • cannabis does not cause cancer

  • THC can at high doses.

  • Is that real cocaine o___O ewh.

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